2018 Naish Hover 120 SUP Foilboard PRE-ORDER



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The new 2018 SUP Foilboard from Naish is coming!

Along with their new hydrofoils, Naish is launching several new boards in both SUP and surfboard shapes.

The 2018 Naish Hover 120 SUP foilboard is a foilboard for SUP Hydrofoiling and normal SUP surfing.



Secure one for only 10% deposit! 

Full Price is $2,799

With a 10% deposit of $279.90 you can pre-order this hot 2018 SUP & Windsurf hydrofoil board now and be one of the first to get it.


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7’6” / 30”/ 120 L


Also available as crossover version with windsurfing mounts!

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    2018 Naish Hover Crossover SUP & Windsurf Foilboard PRE-ORDER

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