Fanatic Sky Surf Foil Board 2019


Fanatic’s dedicated surf foil board for 2019!


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The Fanatic Sky Surf foil board brings foiling to the wave face in its purest form! Fanatic’s new dedicated foil surfboard lets you catch waves earlier, glide on ocean swells and carve powerful turns on the smallest of waves.

With its compact shape and relatively high volume the Fanatic Sky Surf foil board is designed to be super easy to paddle and an absolute ripper on the wave. Offered in three sizes, both with stacks of volume, they are the perfect platform for all levels of foil surfing.

By keeping the board short, wide and light the 2019 Fanatic Sky Surf foil board is extremely responsive underfoot and offers a huge amount of performance on the wave. Its reduced length allows it to fit easily on the wave face and gives scope for radical turns on even the smallest of waves.

Unique features such as the double concave deck, adjustable foil mount and channel bottom give this dedicated foil surfboard the necessary magic to boost performance and stand out from the competition.

If you’re looking to maximize your days on the wave, there’s simply no other surfboard that can deliver more rides per year than the Fanatic Sky Surf! It’s a foil board that will open up a whole new world of surfing experiences and at the same time make even the worst conditions feel special.


Available in 3 different sizes:

4’10” / 5’2″ / 5’6″


2019 Fanatic Sky Surf Foil Board – WATCH THE VIDEO

Watch the product clip for the 2019 Fanatic Sky Surf foil board:


2019 Fanatic Sky Surf Foil Board – KEY FEATURES

  • Stable and quick to paddle due to increased volume, flat rocker and thick rails
  • Compact shape delivers the best combination of stability and manoeuvrability
  • Unique concaved deck shape provides increased leverage and control over the foil and gives a comfortable, stable platform to lie on
  • Footpad with centreline bumper delivers grip, comfort and helps your foot locate the centreline when riding
  • Channeled bottom shape helps tracking and delivers a softer touch-down
  • Increased volume allows the use of a smaller board whilst remaining easy to paddle
  • Reduced board length to fit on smaller waves and boost manoeuvrability
  • Very easy to pump and generate lift due to the light weight and reduced length
  • Track system foil mount allows for fine tuning
  • Available in three sizes: 4’10”, 5’2” & 5’6”
  • Supplied in CST (Custom Surf) construction


2019 Fanatic Sky Surf Foil Board – TECHNOLOGY


Our new Custom Surf technology combines a lightweight custom layup with features such as Carbon stripes, Vector net and bamboo reinforcements providing the right amount of strength and flex needed for the high performance ProWaves and our new Sky Surf and SUP foil boards.


2019 Fanatic Sky Surf Foil Board 3D View


2019 Fanatic Sky Surf Foil Board – SIZES

Sky Surf 4’10”

33 l
20” / 50.8 cm
4’10” / 147.3 cm
2x US Box 10″
Mastfoot Insert

Sky Surf 5’2″

42 l
21” / 53.3 cm
5’2” / 157.5 cm
2x US Box 10″
Mastfoot Insert

Sky Surf 5’6″

51 l
22” / 55.9 cm
5’6” / 167.6 cm
2x US Box 10″
Mastfoot Insert



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