S25 Naish Mana GS 10’0″ SUP Board PACKAGE DEAL


The S25 Naish Mana GS is the ideal choice for paddlers seeking an easy, all-around cruiser SUP board. Save $279 with this great package deal and get a Naish carbon performance paddle and a premium leash included! And free freight Australia wide.

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About The S25 Naish Mana GS 10’0″ SUP Board

S25 Naish Mana GS SUP Board side and details

The S25 Naish Mana GS – allround widebody SUP board 

No other SUP board combines stability for paddlers of all abilities while maintaining a surf pedigree like the Mana.

The Mana GS is compact, stable and offers versatile performance.

Multifaceted and easy to store, these stand up paddle boards are the ideal choice for those seeking an easy, all-around cruiser with a limited length.

The V bottom shape and exaggerated tail rocker deliver great turning ability, while the extra wide outline delivers the confidence and ease any rider desires to feel whether SUP surfing or just cruising.


Performance Features Overview

  • Thruster Fin Setup
  • Ledge Handle
  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad

Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg


Watch The S25 Naish Mana GS Product Clip 

Watch the video for the new Mana GS series:


More info about the S25 Naish Mana GS 10’0″ SUP board here:

S25 Naish Mana GS SUP Board


And more info on the official Naish website:


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About The S25 Naish Performance SUP Paddle 

Naish S25 Performance 85 SDS

Size: 85 SDS

The Performance paddles are for any paddler, in any condition. These paddles are perfect for on-the-go length adjustment in a light and durable package. Performance paddles keep much of the same tech as our most popular paddles and eliminate the ABS rail to offer a more affordable option. Adding more durability to the design all, sizes 85 and above feature a thicker, stronger SDS shaft. The right blend of value and functionality, the Performance are the accessible choice for all-around use.



  • Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating
  • SDS Shaft
  • Anti-twist Vario System
  • Carbon Reinforced
  • Glass Matrix
  • Hydro Seal



Glass Matrix = Durable
Precision Cut CNC HD Core = Absolute precision shaping
High Tensile Pre-preg Moulding = Optimised resin content & cure + impact resistant



Anti-twist Vario System = Easy length adjustment + enhanced durability + adaptive flex pattern in upper shaft
Carbon Reinforced Glass Matrix Construction = Durable
Anti Slip Shaft and Coating = Ultimate grip at all times, no need for wax or other grip enhancements
SDS Shafts for all blades = Increased stiffness and paddle power


More info about the included SUP paddle here: 

Naish Performance SUP Paddle 85 SDS – S25


Premium Leash Included

The SUP board package comes including a premium leg rope too!


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Board Bag (not included) 

Ocean & Earth Premium Heavy Duty Universal SUP Board Bag


Not included, sold separately. 





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