2020 Naish Nalu Soft Top 10’10” SUP Package

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About the SUP board: The 2020 Naish Nalu Soft Top 10’10”

All-around classic SUP board 

Who is it for?
Paddlers who want timeless, classic longboard SUP performance in surf and flatwater with additional stability.

What does it do?
Everything, the Nalu offers the most versatility in any SUP board shape.

Why is it unique?
The Nalu can be used in any kind of conditions by almost every riding level.

Versatile and easy-to-ride, the Nalu series features a classic longboard shape ideal for anything from flatwater cruising, fitness training and waveriding. A solid one-board solution, Nalus offer a recessed deck and full rails—increasing stability while maintaining performance.

The Nalu 10’10” Soft Top is an all-around, extra stable design for touring, carrying gear, tandem paddling and small surf.

Additionally the soft top edition offers a full EVA deck providing a comfortable playing area from nose to tail making is suitable for families, schools and yoga practice.

The crocodile grip pattern gives a texture that is both comfortable to the touch and still provides incredible grip. The rails retain the composite construction as well for added durability and performance.

Ideal for riders up to 250 lbs/113 kg

RRP $1,599

Naish Nalu Soft Top 10’10” SUP Board 2020

About the paddle

The 2020 Naish Performance SUP paddle – vario version.

Paddle Features

  • Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating = Ultimate grip at all times, no need for wax or other grip enhancements
  • SDS Shaft = Increased stiffness and paddle power
  • Anti-twists Vario System = Easy adjustment on the go + allows for adaptation to different rider sizes & different riding scenarios
  • UD Carbon Pre-preg Shaft & Blade Construction = Best weight, stiffness & price combination

RRP $249

More about the paddle here:

Naish Performance SUP Paddle 2020



About the leg rope

The Ocean & Earth SUP One-XT leash 10ft.

The extra length helps to prevent the board springing back at you after a wipeout. More space between you and your board.

Wave Size:
6ft (1.8m)

Cord Diameter:
5⁄16″ (8mm)

50mm Padded

Extra Long


RRP $65

More about the leg rope:

SUP One-XT Leash – 10ft



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