2017 Naish Quest Alana – Women’s SUP Super Package Deal

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The Naish Quest Alana Women’s SUP Package Deal offers you the complete set-up!


Carbon Paddle and Premium Leash included

The 2017 Naish Quest Alana SUP Package comes with the Naish Performer Adjustable SUP paddle and Premium Leash!

Everything you need for an unbeatable price.

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About The Board

See the 2017 Naish Quest SUP board range in action:


About The Different Sizes




All-around WaveFeaturing a performance-oriented shape with enhanced stability, the Quest 9’6” appeals to devoted waveriders and casual paddlers alike. Stemming from previous collaborations with Gerry Lopez, this intuitive design delivers super-smooth carving and a sizeable sweet spot. Accessible, durable and easy to ride, the Quest 9’6” offers great maneuverability in one “do-it-all” wave design that you won’t outgrow.





Women’s All-around Widebody

Great for all-around cruising, touring, learning the basics and riding small waves, the 2017 Naish Quest Alana 9’8” features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, midsection and tail providing incredible stability.

Especially durable and lightweight for it’s volume, the Quest 9’8” features a quad-concave bottom—which channels the water from nose to tail—delivering unbelievable straight-line gliding for a board of this length.

The contoured deck, full rails and squared tail create a huge sweet spot and heighten stability whether the rider is paddling in a straight line, pivoting or standing still. This well-balanced, easy-riding board is a great choice for families, newer paddlers and anyone looking for something sturdy, yet maneuverable.





Women’s All-around Classic

With a recessed deck and full rails, the Quest Alana 10’8” delivers great versatility and stability. The longboard-style outline features a single-concave nose, which flows into a double-concave midsection and V tail, making it a great choice for everything from flatwater cruising, to surfing ankle-slapper waves, to charging double overhead surf. With bold, stylish graphics and a lightweight construction, the Quest Alana 10’8” is a great “one-board solution” for women interested in general recreational riding. It features a M8 universal insert—which allows riders to use the board for both SUP and windsurfing—and plugs in the nose area which accommodate a bungee storage system to secure precious cargo when cruising and touring.


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