Fanatic AllWave SUP Board Package 2019

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The 2019 Fanatic AllWave SUP board – the perfect beginner to intermediate SUP board to start wave surfing. Get the full package and save big time.


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The Fanatic Fly SUP Board Package 2019

Fanatic’s most popular Wave SUP board, from beginner to experienced wave paddle boarders. Get the full Fanatic AllWave SUP package with 2019 SUP board, Fanatic carbon 35 SUP paddle and premium leash from Ocean & Earth – for an unbeatable price.

  You basically pay $100 more than the new board price, and you’ll get a carbon SUP paddle worth $300 and a premium leash worth $60 on top.


About the Fanatic AllWave SUP Board

Wherever you decide to take it, the 2019 Fanatic AllWave SUP board delivers easypeasy surfing action with surprisingly radical performance attributes.

The fast rocker line and stable stance offer straightforward wave catching characteristics and good speed, allowing you to focus 100 % on the wave. The four sizes increase in length – with minimal additional width – to guarantee a smooth flow all the way through the models for the heavier riders. Whether conditions are choppy, small and testing, or clean overhead walls, the Fanatic AllWave SUP board is the perfect SUP board for enjoyment, ease and progression.

Available in four sizes – from the snappy 8’9” to the floaty 9’8” – we guarantee unbeatable fun in all types of waves. The Fanatic AllWave SUP board ensures the easiest possible entry into the waves.

Available in 4 different sizes:

8’9” / 9’0″ / 9’4″ / 9’8”




2019 Fanatic AllWave SUP Board – KEY FEATURES

  • Wide and compact outline for an easy, balanced stance when paddling and surfing
  • Maximum carving via the pulled down thin rails
  • Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and a light feel, with softer rails in the nose for smooth surfing
  • Lightly domed deck for maximum stability blending seamlessly into the thin rails
  • Single concave entry, blending into a double concave V for extra planning power, control and easy rail to rail turning
  • Bottom and rail shape provide ultimate grip allowing for smaller fins
  • Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option
  • New Vector Net technology


fanatic allwave sup board 2019 details


About The Fanatic Carbon 35 SUP Paddle

The 2018 Fanatic Carbon 35 adjustable paddle with its matt finish 35% Carbon / Glass shaft and strong, ABS protected carbon composite blade is the top choice for any entry level paddler ready to go from zero to hero.

With the Union Joint system and a blade size of 7.25” your strokes are highly effective. Available in standard adjustable or as 3-piece Carbon 35 adjustable for the most convenient paddle transport ever.


More info about the SUP board & SUP paddle

These are the products are included in the SUP package:



Get in there and shred it.

fanatic allwave sup board 2019 action shot


We think this is the perfect beginner to intermediate SUP board to start wave surfing. This SUP board is a wave catching machine but great in price too.

Any questions on this or other SUP boards, just give us a call or start a chat!

More info on this SUP board on the official Fanatic website.


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