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The Slyde Wedge handboard – sleek, lightweight, built to last, and designed for speed. Primarily a beginner’s board but the more experienced will love this as it shreds anything.


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The Slyde Wedge handboard – sleek, lightweight, built to last, and designed for speed.

The most technically advanced handboard on the planet has more buoyancy, giving you more lift and, therefore, less drag, allowing you far more control of the wave than a smaller board.

Carve, stall,.. you name it. This board will let you do it. Take control!


Slyde Wedge Handboard – Watch The Video


Slyde Wedge Handboard – Built To Last

We have dedicated years to finding the best possible way to make our boards, there are over 30 individual steps that go into building every slyde handboard.

We make them to last, the high tech materials that we use make them as strong as they are beautiful.

We took the guess work and error out of the shape by using the most advanced manufacturing process ever, decreasing weight, increasing buoyancy and giving you the longest ride you will ever have on a handboard.


Slyde Wedge handboard handplane stats and skill level


The inspiration for the Slyde Wedge handboard shape comes from the short boards of the late 80’s. With the swallow tail and distinct double hard wings that not only allow for points of water release out the back but also help in preventing spray back. The break in outline from the wings allows for extra width without an excessive curve to the tail.

The concave running almost the entire length of the board funnels water in under the rocker and out the back, this creates more speed and again less/no spray back. The extra width at the center point where the palm sits means the Wedge is far more forgiving and stable when riding for uninitiated to handboarding.

The Slyde Wedge handboard is primarily a beginner’s board but the more experienced will love this as it shreds anything.

This handboard will catch whatever you want to catch.


Slyde Wedge handboard handplane actionshot


Slyde Wedge Handboard – Features

  • Built on the patented Slyde Wedge Shape, 2 years of development for the perfect all wave handboard with no splash back
  • High-density Urethane Foam core for a perfect combination of lightness and strength.
  • TPU flak jacket high pressure laminate outer layer technology for insane added strength and durability
  • Slyde patent pending Embedded “never come out” screw strap inserts.
  • Extra safe GoPro mount insert comes standard, for endless selfies.
  • Inserted leash plug, never lose your board again.

Slyde Wedge Handboard – Specs

  • Materials:  Epoxy, urethane, fiberglass and 2mm TPU Flak Jacket high tensile laminate for ultimate strengh to wight ratio
  • Weight : 650gm / 22oz with strap
  • Dimensions:  19.8in / 50.2cm X  10.1in / 26.7cm
  • Overall:  Tight rails with a deep single concave and double swallow tail with wings/ nubs for wave face grip
  • Wave Size:  Designed for 1-5 ft. Handles well in most wave types
  • Skill Level: The wedge shape is another great all round wave board pick the right conditions you feel most comfortable in and she will do the rest


Slyde Wedge Handboard – The Shape

The Slyde Wedge handboard shape is designed and built to shred every-day surf, by every-day I mean average surf; the stuff we ride in between real swells. The Wedge is a 90% solution! However, it is so much fun the other 10% you will probably wish you had it. I have ridden everything from 15 foot Indonesian bombs on reef break to blown out days on a local beach break. It is fair to say the Wedge shape will take on all conditions for maximum fun.

Slyde Wedge handboard handplane details shape


Slyde Wedge Handboard – TAKE A CLOSER LOOK

Perfection comes standard with the Wedge shape. We perfectly combined the refined and technical manufacturing and design process of your favorite snowboard with the lightness and buoyancy of your surfboard to create the most advanced handboard in the world. The Slyde Wedge handboard is constructed of high grade urethane foam core, a layer of Triaxial fiberglass and epoxy resin and a high pressure laminate for perfect weight to strength ratio we thought of all the little things that would make your experience that little bit more enjoyable and threw them into the design of the wedge shape.


Slyde Wedge Handboard – Including Leash Plug

Don’t lose your board again! Unlike any other handboard on the market the Slyde Wedge handboard comes standard with a leash plug to attach your leash. Believe me it comes in really handy after the fifth swim to shore to find your board. You wouldn’t head out on a standup surfboard without a leash – why leave it behind with your handboard?

Slyde Wedge handboard handplane details leash


Leash & Board Bag Options

Choose your add-ons: including leash or full package.

Full package includes leash & board bag (handstrap is always included).

Choose your options up the top, before adding to cart.


Slyde Wedge Handboard – Screen Printed Perfection

Using the time honoured screen printing process to produce the most vivid, detailed designs imaginable. The paint used on the Slyde Wedge handboard is of the highest quality, and will not fade in the sunlight. The process is a painstaking labor of love to set up each frame for production but bringing you the finest of handboards.

Slyde Wedge handboard handplane details print


Stay Strapped In

The Slyde Wedge handboard comes with an adjustable strap and is attached to the board with the power of Thor! No kidding, these will never ever come out….. Ever.

The screw inserts are the same used on big wave tow in surfing used by the pro’s it’s not coming out.

The rails are another epic feature of this board – they won’t crack or split like other manufacturing processes.

Slyde Wedge handboard handplane details highlights





A blast! A total blast!
Want to feel like you’re 13 again. Want to laugh like a little kid. Put your dignity behind you and grab a slide hand plane. The funnest thing you can do in the water without a board. A total blast.



Just perfect
The board is awesome. In my first wave with it I got into an insane barrel. What else can I say. I love it.



Racketeer Wedge Handboards rule!!
I’d recommend one of these plus a set of fins to any regular beach goer; no surfing or body surfing experience is required! This is my first hand plane/board, and i love being able to grab a small bag with my fins and hand board and head to the beach not even thinking about what the waves look like. These are perfect to have on hand for those close-out shore break days and trashy wind swell conditions when it’s just not worth it to drag a surf board out to the beach.



A whole new experience!
To keep it simple: Slyde Handboards has changed my bodysurfing experience from great to amazing : with so much buoyancy the Wedge makes it really easy to catch the waves. It’s made with the same quality as a good surfboard and make you feel like you finally have professional quality bodysurfing equipement, just like when you try Dafins for the first time: there is no going back.



Finally got to take my Wedge out in decent surf… HOLY SHIT! Fast! Awesome! So much fun. Like I said I’ve been bodyboarding for 30 years and THIS might take it’s place. Totally stoked! Thank you for creating an amazing product. Product sounds shitty… it’s more than a product. I love it.



Can’t say enough about Slyde Handboards
Even though I shape my own wooden handplanes I wanted to try a Slyde Handboard. I got the Wedge and from Day 1 it feels like i have a mini rocket in my hand. It is a whole different feeling from my wooden handplanes. Aside from being fast, its’ float was able to allow a 210 lb guy to put weight on it and lift my body up. The thing is a must have in any surf quiver…


Slyde Handboards For Sale Australia

We have Slyde handboards for sale in Australia now – order your Slyde handboard online today and get it delivered to your door within a few days – free freight Australia wide!

Buy your Slyde handboard online today and get pitted next week :-)

See some more info and reviews about the Slyde Wedge handboard on the official Slyde Website.

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