Used North Speedster Foil 90cm

$1,399.00 $999.00

Great condition and priced well. we have too many ex demo North Speedsters so you can walk away with this unreal Kite foil at a bargain!

Comes complete In original case with all parts

No dents or scratches, Includes freight.

The 2018 North Speedster Combo Hydrofoil is unique in its design as North have engineered stabilising winglets for both the front and rear wings. These winglets are advantageous in that they increase the lateral stability when foiling straight downwind, or when you aren’t leaning off the kite. Without these winglets the hydrofoil would slide out, and potentially roll underneath your feet. The winglets on the front wing improve the turning radius for a tighter, smoother, more controlled turn, making roll tacks and jibing a breeze.



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