Foil Drive Lessons

Learning how to Hydrofoil has never been easier and safer!
From beginner to expert we offer a range of different lessons to suit your sport and style.


Beginner Lessons:

Hydrofoil Basics 101 – E-Foil Flatwater Lesson
Time: 2 batteries or 1hr
Requirements: Under 90kgs and be able to swim.
Cost: $240

A brief explantion on setting up the gear, to paddling, then fully standing and carving this beginner friendly lesson will set the pathway for you into all hydrofoil sports.

Details of Lesson:
– Suitable all ages and fitness levels.
– Learn how to Hydrofoil easily and safely with the latest gear.
– Full continuos expert instructor guidance right by your side.
– Safe and pristine local locations.

Intermediate Lessons:

Surf Assist Hydro Foil Lesson – Surf or SUP
2 batteries or 1.5hr
Requirements: Must be able to Surf or Sup in waves. Certain weather requirements (at least need a small swell).
Cost: $240

Know how to Surf or SUP and want to try Foil surfing? The Foil Drive assist makes learning to foil in the surf MUCH easier and safer than standard prone lessons. Fast track your advancement with this intermediate lesson aimed to get you carving more and wiping out less!

Details of Lesson:
– Gear inspection and correct setup (fine tune your gear for the conditions)
– Assistance and safety tips in tackling the surf with a hydrofoil (pro paddling techniques, how to avoid and recover from wipeouts)
– Getting to your feet and fine tuning your technique in stance / posture.
– Carving and pumping tips.

Wing Foil Assist Lesson – Intermediate to Advanced
Time: 2 batteries or 1.5hr
Requirements: Demonstrate Wing handling experience (or have completed our Wing basics lesson $120)
Cost: $240

Utilising the Foil Drive assist makes learning to Wing Foil MUCH faster than convential learning techniques. By using the constant speed from the Foil Drive you will be up on your feet and then to foil very quickly. For advanced riders you will love how easy this makes your start up – once the foil drive has you up on the foil you can wing in as little as 8 knots! Once you have this mastered there is HOURS of fun to be had off a single battery.

Details of Lesson:

– Flat water lesson.
– Gear inspection and correct setup techniques.
– Getting to your feet and fine tuning your technique in stance / posture.
– Carving, pumping and Wing handling tips.
– Wipeout and safety recovery tips.



Order your Foil Drive system through Ocean Addicts and receive expert local assitance when you need it.
From technical setup advice to warranty support we can help you maximise your fun on the water with the right equipment and right advice.


So what’s the difference between an E-Foil and a Foil Drive?

E-Foil Vs Foil Drive

E-Foil: Foil Drive
Expensive $15000 + Very Affordable at $5160
Best in flat water, difficult in waves. Flat water or waves
Long battery life (2 hours) Moderate battery life (35-45 minutes a battery)
Cannot freely modify foil equipment Connect to any custom hydrofoil setup
Heavy – not suiable for travel Portable and lightweight

Ocean Addicts Foil Drive Demo Day at Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba is an incredible place to ride your foil drive.

There is calm water access near the end of Parkyn Parade, (watch the rocks though near the rock pier) and generally the swell is gentle and easy to learn on.

Only thing to watch is it can get very dumpy close to shore with larger swells so if you find yourself getting washed north up the beach try and paddle back towards the rock pier before paddling in to make sure your gear doesn’t get dumped on the sand.

There’s some great fish and chip places when you have finished your session and the Ocean Addicts store is only 10 minutes away if you need some extra gear.