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Premium Equipment Hire/Buy: Exclusive to Zephyr Clients

The latest gear with priority access to any size kite and board to suit the wind conditions.

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Premium Equipment Hire/Buy: Exclusive to Zephyr Clients

The latest gear with priority access to any size kite and board to suit the wind conditions.

Why Choose Hire/Buy?
  • Are you new to kiting and need you first setup?
  • Are you an intermediate kiter and considering upgrading your gear?
  • Not sure you have the right size kites for your tour?
  • Are you an advanced kiter and want to try out some of the latest and greatest gear from Duotone and Naish?

Then, why not look at purchasing a Hire/Buy Package for your upcoming Zephyr Tour? While on tour, you’ll get priority access to our entire demo range at your destination. Big kites if it’s light wind, and small kites if it’s nuking!

Our Hire/Buy Packages not only gives you access to the best of the best, but the value of the hire can be transferred onto the purchase of your gear at Ocean Addicts after your tour.

(E.g., hire a kite for your tour, then Ocean Addicts will give you the amount of the hire paid against the purchase of a new kite).


All the best new gear!

Clearly, there is nothing better than new gear to play with! So, we recommend taking only the best equipment with you when you holiday to remote destinations. It would be quite disappointing to travel all that way only to have your equipment fail or have the wrong size kite for the wind conditions. We operate our tours in super remote locations, so, there isn’t a kite shop just around the corner to help with repairs!

All Zephyr Tours focus on your kitesurfing progression, and just like the Zephyr Team, we want you to have the best chance of putting your new skills to the test; and the best way to do this is on the most suitable equipment for your size, ability and style of riding.

If you have gear you are happy with and it’s in good condition, take it with you! But, if you are a beginner or are thinking of upgrading, why not take advantage of our premium HIRE/BUY Packages only available to Zephyr guests?

You’ll have the pleasure of receiving the latest, brand new from DUOTONE or NAISH delivered right to your door and packed perfectly for your kite tour. Once at your destination, you get to POP the TAGS, feel the crispness and experience that tingly feeling we all get with brand new toys!

To return the equipment after your tour, Ocean Addicts will arrange freight pickup from your home within 7 days of your return. Or, if you loved the gear, you could purchase all or some of what you hired, less your hire fee!



Select a package below, purchase at the hire rate and an Ocean Addicts kitesurfing specialist will call you to ensure you are getting the right gear to suit your level and kitesurfing goals.

We offer both Standard and Superior Packages. Choose from a complete setup, board only, or a new kite and bar.


Terms & Conditions

  • Hire duration is calculated on total number of days booked through Zephyr Tours plus any additional days you’ll be using the gear – this will be cross referenced with your Zephyr booking.
  • A credit card for security will be kept on file with Ocean Addicts until the gear is returned – the Zephyr Team will check your hire gear before leaving the tour and report back to Ocean Addicts on its condition.
  • General wear and tear are expected with hire equipment, however, any significant damage or loss that requires repair or replacement will be charged to your card. The charge amount will be the cost to fix or replace the products by Ocean Addicts, and on a case-by-case basis.
  • Return of your equipment needs to be arranged with Ocean Addicts within 7 days of return from your tour.
  • Failure to return the equipment (all or part of) within 7 days of your return will result in you purchasing the gear at the agreed hire/buy rate and the cost automatically charged to your card.

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