Foil Drive Assist Plus (Aluminium Props)


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There’s many different options when selecting which model and components you need for a foil drive system to suit your setup and style. We have made it easy with one click buy option – this model is the premium model we believe will suit most of our customers. Of course we can customise this further once we inspect your setup!

Once you have made your purchase one of our staff will call you to discuss customising the setup to your exact needs.
Please note depending on what gear you already have there may be small additional purchases required.

Please note this is just for Foil Drive (motorised) system. Need the whole setup including a Hydrofoil and a board? No problem please call the store and we will help you select the right gear!

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The Assist PLUS is the more upgraded more powerful version of the original Assist. More power, more torque, greater efficiency, longer run times and additional controller features like cruise control presents and a throttle limiter.

Perfect for most foiling disciplines – Surf, downwind, wing ding, flatwater.

Batteries: The Standard 12.6ah Battery is perfect for flatwater foildriving, heavier riders or those wanting longer sessions. (We recommend an extra battery so you can show your friends at the beach and still get to ride!)

Cable Length: The motor is manufactured with the cable as a single peice for waterproofing.

Low Volume Prone Boards: Assist and Assist PLUS kits were intended for use on larger, SUP style boards. Please speak to our staff to see if your board / weight ratio is suitable.

Install weight: 3.7kg
Operating Voltage: 28-32v
Max Thrust: 24.5kg (Aluminium Propellers)
Runtime (Generalised): 30min-3hrs depending on use case, battery and other variables.
Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs (Standard Battery)
Install time: 10mins

Foil Drive Assist Plus
Standard 12.6ah Battery
Aluminium Folding Propellers
Motor Pod (Variations)
Wireless Throttle Controller
Paddle Mount (Optional)

3M Dual Lock (preinstalled) for mounting
3x Board Cable Guides (1x Short, 2x Long)
4x Mast Cable Guides
1x 2.5mm M3 Hex Driver (Spare Bolts inside)
Wrist Floaty
1x Lipo Safe Bag
Stubby Cooler for motor protection
Lithium Battery Charger (AUS or US Plug (To Specify)
Wireless charger for controller
1x Re-Usable Silicon Tie


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