Duotone Spirit Carve / Surf SLS Hydrofoil 2022


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Duotone SPIRIT

Duotone Spirit Carve / Surf SLS Hydrofoil 2022

CARVE 2022


The Spirit SLS is a true inspiration in the SLS (strong light superior) segment, offering an ultra light carbon mast with a glued top plate and a carbon fuselage form fit connection system. A guarantee for speed and control.



The Spirit SLS shows incredible maneuverability and also offers surprising stability at high speeds, making it a fast and fun toy for freeriding and around the racecourse.

Its excellent pitch stability gives you the freedom to focus on tactics and how to beat your opponents. Due to the increased torsional stiffness, the feedback of the Spirit SLS is even more direct and predictable than at other foils. This Spirit SLS even offers the possibility to use it additionally for wake surfing and foil winging.

The prepreg carbon construction is the latest in foil engineering, making it strong yet super light. A lightweight mast with a geometry focused on stiffness comes on top of this amazing package. The layup of course is also fully committed to lightweight, the weight of the top plate was also reduced in weight.

Every single part of the Spirit SLS was constructed to achieve the lightest combination possible, to reach highest speeds with the maximum of control.



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