S26 S27 Naish Mana GS SUP Board


This SUP board is the ideal choice for paddlers seeking an easy, all-around cruiser SUP board.

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S26 S27 Naish Mana GS SUP Board
All-Around Wide-Body SUP Board

The S26 Naish Mana GS SUP Board: No other SUP board combines stability for paddlers of all abilities while maintaining a surf pedigree quite like the Mana.

The Mana board range is compact, stable, and offers versatile performance.

Multifaceted and easy to store, these boards are the ideal choice for those seeking an easy, all-around cruiser SUP board with a limited length.

Store them standing up in your garage, and easily transport them in an SUV.

The V-bottom shape and exaggerated tail rocker deliver great turning ability, while the extra-wide outline delivers the confidence and ease any paddle boarder desires to feel whether surfing or cruising.

The Fin Setup

The GS boards are equipped with thruster boxes and are delivered as a single fin setup.


Performance Features Overview

  • Thruster Fin Setup (MFC 6.5 Center Fin + (2) MFC 4.5 Side Fins)
  • Ledge Handle
  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad

Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg


Watch The Video 

Meet the new S26 Naish Mana SUP board range:


S26 Naish Mana GS SUP Board Dimensions  

Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Mana 10’0″ 10’0″/304.8 cm 33″/83.8 cm 4 3/4″/12 cm 190 L

View board specifications HERE


S26 Naish Mana GS SUP Board Construction  

Check out the highlights about the construction of the Mana GS model:

S26 Naish Mana GS SUP Board - Mana GS Board Construction - Buy Online Australia - Ocean Addicts 2021 2022

  • A) Crocodile Deck Grip
    Comfortable and forgiving grip
  • B) Glass Matrix Deck & Bottom
    Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  • C) Wood Reinforcements in Stance Area
    Durability and longitudinal stringer effect
  • D) Molded EPS Closed Cell Core
    Lightweight and resistant against potential water leakage


S26 Naish Mana GS SUP Board – Features  

Naish SUP - Ledge Handle

Ledge Handle
Easy to carry.


Naish SUP - Embossed EVA Pad

Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
Lightweight, ultimate grip and better durability over time.


Naish SUP Fins - Thruster Fin Setup


Thruster Fin Setup
Thruster fin setup ready to go.


Naish SUP Fins - MFC Center Fin 6.5

MFC Center Fin 6.5 


Naish SUP Fins - MFC Side Fins 4.5

(2x) MFC Side Fins 4.5 


Photo Gallery   

See the new GS model in action:

S26 Naish Mana GS SUP Board - Gallery 01 - Buy Online Australia - Ocean Addicts S26 Naish Mana GS SUP Board - Gallery 02 - Buy Online Australia - Ocean Addicts


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