Wrap Up on the Ocean Addicts Stand Up Paddle Demo Elliot Heads 4670


Big thank you to the Bundy Crew for all coming to the Ocean Addicts demo day and 4670 Sup Club day. We had the best couple of days hanging out with you guys.

Thank you for all your hospitality and for welcoming us to your very special local beach. It simply is a little piece of paradise.

For those that could not make it here is a list of the Top 10 boards that were hot on the day and never left the water!!

Top Ten Boards!

  1. The most favorite board by the girls that wanted an all- rounder that could paddle little flat water missions, surf small waves, and muck around with kids, was the Fanatic Diamond 9.6×31 



2. Hands Down! The pick by all the crew wanting a performance long board that surfs well and is great for flat water explorations was the Naish Nalu GTW 10.6×30 

2017 Naish Nalu GTW Wood Edition SUP Board

3. Next in line and just as popular for the slightly heavier guys was the Fanatic Fly 10.6×31 

2018 Fanatic Fly SUP Package Deal

4. For all the crew focusing on surfing The buzz was all around the new Naish Mad Dog especially the 8.1×29 and the 8.6×29 everyone was frothing the shapes and commenting on how stable they were. Unfortunately the waves were not really playing ball to put them to the test, but the stability for such a performance shape was noticed and was a hot topic.

2017 Naish Mad Dog Carbon Pro – Wave SUP Board

5. Fanatic Stubby had many of the guys that tried it grinning from ear to ear! It was the perfect shape to make the most of the small waves at Elliot Heads 


6. The board that got the most use and never was not being ridden was the Naish Quest 9.8×34. It was so popular with all the crew wanting to paddle around with their kids, as well as the heavier guys looking for that extra stability in a fun compact shape that still catches waves. 


7. For all the guy’s that were stepping up to 14ft Race boards wanting to down wind and catch runners the Fanatic Falcon was a hit!


8. The other super popular 14ft board that was the perfect fit with the crew wanting a good down winding board but also one that is super fast in the flat water was the Naish Maliko 14ft This board smoked everything at the time trial and now holds the 4670 Club record as fastest board around the 4k flat water circuit!!



9. For the Girls wanting a light weight compact stable surf SUP that is easy to maneuver and surf the Naish Alana Quest 9.6 was a favorite

2017 Naish Quest Alana – Women’s SUP Elite Package Deal

10. As always the Fanatic AllWave was constantly out on the water! Stable, maneuverable, light weight, and strong build quality it ticked all the boxes as another favorite.