Flying is the childhood dream that we all had,

Now we are living it!!

In 2014 Kai Lenny blew the minds of surfers globally when he brought hydrofoiling back to life. Since then this amazing sport has taken the world by storm. It is literally flying!! No other feeling compares to floating high above the water. You are in complete silence flying across the peaks of swells that are otherwise unsurfable! Never before would you have ridden waves for this long, waves this small & fat, or travelled this fast across the water without a motor.

With the recent swell thanks cyclone Gita we have been having a blast in Mooloolaba bay. Huge rollers have been running through the bay making it a hydrofoilers paradise. Big open faces cruising through with some of the most beautiful lines you have ever seen! The boys in the shop were in heaven with top speeds in the 30s and rides for several hundred meters!

Functioning on the same principles as an aeroplane, hydrofoiling allows you to glide on waves that you would never even imagine surfing. The freedom and flow that it brings can only be related to snowboarding through deep dry powder in back country Canada. Unlike surfing, hydrofoiling requires more neutral/front foot pressure when turning. Although it takes a little bit of practice to get your turning dialled, once you do you will blow your own mind!!

Foil Surf – Naish Thrust + Fanatic Stubby 7'10

Great Foil Surf on the Mooloolaba Bombie. THE BEST FOIL EVER!Thrust Foil Deal – https://oceanaddicts.wpengine.com/shop/hydrofoil/2018-naish-sup-foil-package-foilboard-hydrofoil-complete-setup/

Posted by Ocean Addicts on Sunday, February 18, 2018

Although it may appear a little daunting at first, with the right instruction you can make your dreams come true too! At Ocean Addicts we have done the hard yards of learning for you. Our hydrofoiling school will get you up and foiling on your very first session guaranteed! With all the variables of the ocean taken out of the equation, our personalised lessons with experienced instructors will ensure you have a blast on the water!


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