North Speedster Hydrofoil

The wind wasn’t really playing the game for Kite Jam so we decided to take the North Speedster Hydrofoil and Pro foil board for a spin. It was only 8-10 knots but this little beauty came to life!!

Hydrofoiling really has taken water sports to the next level. It has opened up so many more opportunities where we can now get out and enjoy the amazing water that we are so privileged to live near.

I remember the days when i first started kitesurfing. I was frothing so hard i would pump up in the morning and sit on the beach all day waiting  for the wind to come. As soon as there was a slight breeze my kite would be in the air. I could hardly keep it up most of the time, having to run backwards just to stop it from hindenburging and landing on unsuspecting sun bakers. I remember those days well as i would run a few hundred metered up the beach and do mini downwinders as there was never enough wind to hold ground. I would literally be the only one desperate enough to do it but all the local kite crew would be sitting on the beach, drinking beers, jeering me on.

Those days are over thanks to hydrofoiling!!

North Speedster Hydrofoil

The wind wasnt really playing the game for Kite Jam. So we decided to make the most of it with a hydrofoiling session on the North Speedster Hydrofoil. It’s light but we’re making the most of it!

Posted by Ocean Addicts on Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hydrofoiling really is the most amazing sport! I have almost made it a personal challenge to get out kiting in the lightest wind i can find just to prove to myself how good this sport truly is!! In 8 – 10 knots you can be up on the foil flying across the surface of the water in complete silence. No other feeling compares to the silent glide of hydrofoiling. The North Speedster Hydrofoil with the North Pro Foil board is the perfect combo for those light days.

The North Speedster Foil is such a versatile foil. Its high aspect geometric shape is designed for maximum top end speed. For those speed demons wanting to go flatout at Mach 3 this foil will take you there. The best aspect of the Speedster foil is that it also incorporates a high foil profile in the wings. This enables you to get up on the foil with little to no forward propulsion (next to no wind). As you surf downwind without the kite it also allows you to stay up on the foil without dropping back down. Both front and back wings have ‘winglets’ that ensure the foil tracks well without sliding out on you. Because of these winglets the North Speedster foil has become the easiest foil to carve and surf “rail to rail” like what you would do on a shortboard. It gives you complete and direct control of your speed and direction.

The North Pro Foil board was initially designed for Kite Hydrofoiling racing, however we have found it is one of the best board to learn to hydrofoil on also. It has parallel rails allowing it to be narrow (so you can get up in light winds) but maintains plenty of volume. This volume/outline combination make so nice for those accidental touch downs as the board bounces straight back up on the foil again like you never touched down in the first place. The chines on the base of the board also mean that when the board touches down, very little surface area touches the water so the brakes don’t slam on when you do touch. With the options of straps this is the go to board for foiling!

If you haven’t started foiling yet you NEED to! It will change your life on the water! If you think its too hard, come and do a lesson with us. We will get you up foiling within 20 minutes with our personalised instruction in a variable free zone behind the boat. It honestly is the most fun you can have on the water. It lets you reduced your kite quiver size as you can have the one kite for all conditions. Hydrofoiling when its light, and surfing/twintips for when the winds actually in.

Get into it today! You won’t look back!