Ocean Addicts Paddle Against Plastic

Ocean Addicts Paddle Against Plastic

Ocean Addicts have teamed up with local legends Paddle Against Plastic to organise a cleanup event on Sunday, March 11th 2018. With the recent rain there is plenty of rubbish lining the banks of Maroochy river so we are chasing as many volunteers as possible to get our home looking pristine again.


Paddle Against Plastic – Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper Article


Sustainability is slowly coming into the limelight of society. We as Ocean Addicts are fortunate enough to enjoy our oceans on a daily basis and thought it would be great if we could help give back. Imagine if our beautiful waterways were no longer beautiful, what would we do all day?

According to the Australia bureau of statistics, every Australian produces on average two tonnes of waste per year (this is a combination of household and industrial contribution waste from consumables). Do you know where your two tonnes ends up? When you do dispose of your waste, do you recycle parts that can be?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle was a government initiative used to create awareness in our culture in the 90’s. But there are many more R’s that can be added to make us think about our impact on the globe:

  • repair
  • remake
  • refuse
  • remember
  • respect
  • restore

Awareness is the very first step in resolving this global issue. Are you aware of how much waste you use? Are your friends and family? Start a discussion, observe your daily habits. Does the food you buy all come in unnecessary plastics? Do you still use disposable plastic coffee cups?

Come along on Sunday the 11th from 9am as we paddle up Maroochy river on our stand up paddle boards picking up rubbish. If you don’t own one don’t worry, we will have stand up paddle boards for FREE hire at the event.

Jump onto our Facebook page and sign up to attending our event http://bit.ly/2F4g1Cp.

Give us a call at the shop to reserve your board 53096624