2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS Foil Set Complete – Advanced


The complete setup for advanced riders – the new 2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS foil set.

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The 2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS foil set – the complete hydrofoil set with their bestselling mast and fuselage combination.


Product Details

The Duotone Aero Glide SLS foil has met highest demands throughout 2023 and was constantly sold out.

For 2024 Duotone offers the exciting Aero Glide SLS 905 as a complete package with their bestselling 82 SLS mast and AL 3BS 66cm Fuselage for the ultimate performance allrounder for any advanced rider looking for lower drag, higher speeds and endless glide.

Foil Level: 
Advanced Rider

Foil Setup:
90cm Mast / 66cm Fuselage / 905 Front Wing / 180 Stabiliser Wing


Watch The Video

Watch the product clip for the new Aero Glide SLS foil set:



2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS Foil - Characteristics



2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS Foil - Specifiations


Foil Wing Comparison Sheet

2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS Foil - Front Wing Comparison Chart


Photo Gallery

Watch the foil in action:

Gallery 03 Gallery 04 Gallery 05


More info about the new Duotone foils, wings, boards and kites on the official Duotone website.


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