2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite


In search of the best wave-riding performance? The 2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite.

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The 2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite   


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In search of the best wave-riding performance? 

The 2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB is the most advanced wave kite available, featuring an Aluula frame that delivers otherworldly performance. Prepare to have you mind blown with this incredible addition to the Duotone line up.

2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite: Watch The Video


The 2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite:

Key Features


The Neo is famous for its incredible drifting abilities; the D/LAB version is up to 30% lighter than the original version, allowing the kite to float down the line in a manner you would not think possible.


The turning speed and the steering impulse of the Neo is exceedingly quick due to the new Flex Strut Design. The new Aluula fabric makes the kite incredibly light while also creating a stiffer, more responsive frame and each kite has been carefully fine-tuned for performance, the Flex Strut was individually designed to each size of the kite.


One of the unique and enchanting features of the Neo D/LAB is its ability to be direct and dynamic, even when the bar is pushed out and the kite is depowered. This feature allows you to ride the wave how you like without thinking about bar and kite control as much.


The range of the Neo D/LAB is unbelievable! It has a huge bottom end, thanks to the lighter Aluula material, meaning you can get going on a smaller kite before other riders. Coupled with impressive depower, it has you out riding for longer when the wind picks up, and you can get away with a smaller quiver.


This helps to reduce the overall weight of the kite and improve performance by making the frame stiffer. In addition, materials like Aluula and Trinity TX make the kite exceedingly light while offering excellent durability.


The larger kites have been designed to use a wider arc and have less sweep in the tips, maximising power. At the same time, the smaller sizes have more sweep and a narrower arc focusing on manoeuvrability.

Product Details

The Neo D/LAB is poised to take the world by storm, the ultimate in high performance kite technology and featuring the absolute pinnacle of design and lightweight materials.

Utilising an updated version of the Aluula fabric in a combination with a new Hybrid Flex Strut, offering up to an incredible 30% weight saving on the original Neo and guaranteeing an incredible responsiveness. Innovative materials such as Trinity TX and our high-end construction standards combine to ensure the Neo D/LAB is light. It is also very durable and can handle the rigours of a session in big waves. The kite’s performance must be experienced to be truly understood; it is nothing short of phenomenal.

The Neo has a reputation as one of the best performing wave kites on the market, and the D/LAB version is entirely out of this world.

The low-end range is unsurpassed, while the high-end control is abundant.

In addition, as you initiate a turn, it is dynamic and responsive in a way you have never experienced before due to the Hybrid Flex Strut.

The Neo D/LAB truly becomes an extension of your body on the wave, and the flight characteristics are intuitive. As the wind goes offshore, you can tap into the fantastic drifting capabilities offered by this lighter version, the kite hangs in the air forever. With settings on the kite for strapless, you can quickly set up for some jumps and spins, and the extra airtime afforded to you allows you to pull the latest moves with ease.

The 2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB kite is a massive leap forwards in terms of performance for the pinnacle of wave riders who demand the best; get a quiver before they sell out.


2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite: Characteristics

2024 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite - Characteristics


2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite: Specifications

2024 Duotone Neo D/LAB Kite - Specs


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D/LAB Technology

The purpose of D/LAB is to make the best kiteboarding gear using the best materials and construction methods on this planet, no holds barred.

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