Ezi-Rider MR Twin Fin Series 5’6″ 40L


Ezi-Rider MR Twin Fin Series 5’6″ 40L

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Ezi-Rider MR Twin Fin Series 5’6″ 40L

MR Twin Fin Series

Mark Richards dominated world surfing in the late 70’s to Mid 80’s with 4 world titles. Mark’s progressive twin fin designs which he created during these years and his dedication to board design over the last 3 decades have an amazing relevance today. Many of the top surfers in the world today both past and present have an MR twin fin as part of their quiver.

Designed directly with MR using his classic twin fin templates the MR Series is a fun range of soft boards for the frothing surfer’s wanting more performance and fun.


  • Dimensions: 5’6 X 21′ X 2 3/4′
    Volume: 40LCore: EPS – 2 Stringers

    Deck: IXL EBS

    Bottom: 1mm HDPE

    Fins:  2x 5.5″ Soft PU Twin

    Fin Box: Interchangeable Fins

    Rider Weight: <70kg



    • TWIN FIN SET UP – MR Designed Fin template. 2X Soft PU fins and fin key included. Compatible with traditional dual tab fins.


    Additional Soft Board Features: 

    • EPS Core – Highly waterproof & lightweight. 3x stringers increase board strength and maintain rocker.
    • HDPE Bottom Plate – 1mm thick HDPE high density polyethelene plate. Durable, extra strength performance slick. Available in a range of colours.
    • Interchangeable Fin Box – Compatible with most major fin brands. Allows quick and easy fin changing. Secures with fin key (included).
    • Thermal Reactive Simulation – To help protect against de-lamination, all soft boards are tested in a heat induced environment at 70°C for two hours.
    • IXL EBS Deck Skin – Cross-linked IXL PE skin with WBS (Water Barrier Skin). Highly water resistant and extremely durable. Excellent grip and impact resistant.
    • Warranty – Guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months from date of purchase.

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